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About Till: Experiences in the garments merchandising and marketing business

Picture by Till Freyer

I studied Export Marketing and Merchandising in Hamburg / Germany and specialized in garments after I arrived in Hong Kong in 1959. The garment industry was establishing itself in HK at that time, marketing and merchandising were still largely unknown.

This changed within a few years when qualified garment marketing and merchandising staff became widely available as a result of intensive training programs. Working in HK became a great pleasure. This became a vital part of my decision to start my own business in 1972. HK had become the global center for the garment industry.

Other countries followed exporting garments. I set up a branch office in Indonesia. I had the buyers and orders but the lack of qualified garment marketing and merchandising staff caused ia lot of trouble - quality claims and late deliveries. Drastic steps were needed to make this office sustainable or to forget about Indonesia.

The support of my HK garment marketing and merchandising staff made me to expect the same level of skills from the employees in Jakarta. I moved to Indonesia in 1991 to turn the company around. It was however deeply disappointing. I fired the entire staff one morning when being faced again with claims. The next team was however in no way any better. There was only one solution - introduce training sessions every Saturday concentrating on garment export marketing and merchandising.

This soon showed results, claims and delays became the exception and the entire organization became a motivated and skilled team of garment maketing and merchandising staff. The company in Indonesia became one of the most successful garment buying agency and exporter in the country.

Offering training material and seminars today for garment export marketing and merchandising subjects has become my hobby based on the success of the Indonesian venture in the early 1990'tis.