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IGTEM-16: "Export Marketing & Merchandising"

Lecture's Overview


67 screens of Presentation

55 pages Students' Guide

Including Students' summary task.

Module Name:

Export Marketing & Merchandising

Recommended Duration:

6 to 8 lectures of 90 minutes each. Individual subjects are supported by training material as per corresponding pages of this Students’ Guide. - A curriculum for delivering all subjects is proposed on page 52.

Background of Lecture:

To introduce newcomers to the position of Marketing & Merchandising (M&M) and to further upgrade the skills of existing staff in accordance with up-to-date expectations of buyers. Supportive service, information about market development, intensive product / market knowledge, quality & punctual deliveries, efficient communication resulting in time and cost saving work procedures are more important today for buyers concentrating on the middle price segment of the retail markets rather than the lowest FOB. This guarantees a long term sustainability of the business at fair wages and income for all involved. Emma Khazanah joined the one year IGTC course “MMQ” (Marketing / Merchandising / Quality) in 2006 without any prior knowledge about the garment industry. She did have a natural talent to draw. Her Graduation Project of 56 pages was solid proof of her extensive knowledge as acquired during her studies of IGTEM material. Extracts of her work are part of this lecture.

Distribution of lecture materials to students:

The lecturer to distribute the Students’ Guide about 2 weeks prior to starting the delivery of this subject. Encourage trainees to study the material in advance to enable active participation in the lectures.

Subjects per Screen:

Screens 1-4:

Position of M&M Employees

Screens 5-8:

A Graduation Project – the perfect M&M Expert

Screens 9-23:

A Fashion Story – Store Checks

Screens 24-30:

Giving inspirations to buyers – sketches, colors & collage

Screens 31-36:

M&M job description, visiting production, sourcing

Screens 37-41:

Fabrics & Emma’s summery

Screen 42:

Being part of a team

Screens 43-44:

Communication skills & Emma’s summery

Screens 45-46:

Accessories & Emma’s summery

Screens 47-50:

Sampling & Emma’s summery

Screens 51-54:

Showroom Management

Screens 55-56:

Processing an order & style description

Screens 57-58:

Production order & order follow-up incl. size specification

Screens 59-60:

Inspections & Emma’s summery

Screen 61:

Delivery logistics & Emma’s summery

Screens 62-63:

General M&M responsibilities & Emma’s summery

Screens 64-65:

Back cover of Emma’s Graduation Project - Conclusions

Teaching Facilities:

A lecturer can be provided for in-house training – Screen, projector, computer, pin board, pointer