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IGTEM-15: "Export Payment Terms"

Lecture's Overview


34 screens of Presentation

30 pages Students' Guide

Including Students' summary task.

Module Name:

Export Marketing & Merchandising

Recommended Duration:

4 lectures of 90 minutes each plus 180 minutes time limit for writing a summery about “The Letter of Credit” as per two pages at the end of this Students’ Guide. It is recommended to add another 90 minutes for a joint review of the trainees’ writing in class. Recommended total time = 7 lectures of 90 minutes each or two days if delivered in a seminar.

Background of Lecture:

Export Marketing, Merchandising, Shipping and Accounting Staff to know how to reduce the payment risk to a minimum and realize how to correctly handle the shipment documents.

Distribution of lecture materials to students:

The lecturer to distribute the Students’ Guide about 10 days prior to starting the teaching of this subject. Encourage students to study minimum 15 screens in ad-vance to make it possible to ask specific questions, follow the lecture and get actively involved in the training. – Trainees to write a summery at the end of the lecture.

Subjects per Screen:

Screens 1-2:

Introduction of payment terms

Screens 3-4:

Different payment methods

Screens 5-6:

Advance payment

Screen 7:

Different types of L/Cs

Screens 8-9:

A letter of credit

Screen 10:

L/C at sight

Screens 11-17:

L/C details incl. required documents

Screens 18-19:

Negotiation of documents

Screens 20-21:

L/C discrepancies - charges

Screens 22-25:

Variety of L/C terms

Screens 26-27:

Time to open the L/C – risks of L/C transactions

Screens 28-31:

Other payment methods

Screens 32-33:

Open account – account settlements - trust

Screen 34:

Trainees’ task – Write a summery about L/C details

Teaching Facilities:

A lecturer can be provided for in-house training – Screen, projector, computer, pin board, pointer