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IGTEM-14: "Export Logistics"

Lecture's Overview


48 screens of Presentation

36 pages Students' Guide

Including 1 major and 4 minor Students' tasks and tests.

Module Name:

Export Marketing & Merchandising

Recommended Duration:

5 to 6 lectures of 90 minutes each. Do not rush to make sure that students understand each screen. Students to get actively involved in the lecture.

Background of Lecture:

A supplier to know the efficient handling of goods once ready for delivery following buyer’s packing / shipment instructions and contacting the appointed forwarder.

Distribution of lecture materials to students:

The lecturer to distribute the Students’ Guide about 10 days prior to starting the teaching of this subject. Encourage students to study minimum 15 screens in ad-vance to make it possible to do the minor tasks, ask specific questions, follow the lecture and get actively involved in the training.

Subjects per Screen:

Screens 1-2:

Introduction to Integrated Logistics

Screen 3:

To be strictly observed – a computer controlled warehouse

Screens 4-5:

A video showing the movement of goods in a computer controlled warehouse – watch and observe it closely

Screen 6:

Packing and shipping instructions

Screens 7-10:

Packing materials – boxes – carton quality

Screens 11-12:

Carton weight – contents - labelling

Screens 13-16:

Shipping marks – shape of cartons

Screens 17-18:

Hanging deliveries

Screens 19-20:

Intgrated Logistics Services

Screens 21-23:

The shipping order

Screens 24-25:

Supplier’s, Buyer’s and Forwarder’s Responsibilities

Screens 26-27:

Cargo acceptance closing time – missing or damaged cargo

Screen 28:

Shipment advise - description of shipment advise

Screens 29-31:

Part shipments - why are the rules so strict?

Screen 32:

Terms to be familiar with

Screens 33-34:

Responsibilities for sales on FOB terms

Screens 35-39:

Booking freight space – freight calculations

Screens 40-41:

Transportation methods – control over the cargo

Screens 42-43:

Full set of export documents

Screens 44-45:

Handling of export documents

Screens 46-47:

Closing statement

Teaching Facilities:

A lecturer can be provided for inHouse training – the lectures can be adjusted to consider specific conditions concerning the location of the factory & harbor. Screen, projector, computer, pin board, pointer, internet connection