IGTEM | International Garment Training & Education Material

IGTEM-11: “Know your Products - Fabrics"

Lecture's Overview


79 screens of Presentation

40 pages Students' Guide

Including 5 Students' tasks and tests.

Module Name:

Export Marketing & Merchandising

Recommended Duration:

5 to 6 lectures of 90 minutes each. Do not rush to make sure that students understand each screen. Students to get actively involved in the lecture.

Background of Lecture:

A successful supplier needs to know all about fabrics as used for the production of his products. A comprehensive collection of fabric samples and corresponding prices to be available in the sample room if one is available.

Distribution of lecture materials to students:

The lecturer to distribute the Students’ Guide about 10 days prior to starting the teaching of this subject. Students to study minimum 10 screens in advance. Students to carry out the tasks as mentioned in the Students’ Guide.

Subjects per Screen:

Screens 1-3:

Marketing & merchandising staff don’t need to be fully qualified technicians

Screens 4-6:

Textile fibers & price of raw cotton

Screens 7-10:

Properties of natural fibers

Screens 11-12:

Man-made fibers and mixtures

Screen 13:

Make sure to collect and give full details about new qualities to your buyer

Screens 14-20:

Warp & weft, yarns & yarn counts, fabric construction, twisted yarn

Screens 21-28:

The variety of fabric compositions

Screens 29-35:

Grey cloth

Screens 36-39:

Dying of fabric and yarns

Screens 40-43:

Garment dyed – dip dyed – tie dyed

Screens 44-45:

Fabric colors and color samples

Screens 46-51:

Lab dips – light box – color approval

Screens 52-61:

Fabric and garment printing

Screen 62:

Yarn dyed fabrics

Screens 63-64:

Stretch fabrics

Screens 65-70:

Fabric defects – quality inspection prior to fabric cutting

Screens 71-74:

AZO dye stuff – flammability of fabrics – test laboratories

Screen 75:

Fabric deliveries

Screen 76:

Prices of plain dyed yarns and fabrics

Screen 77:

Importance of a fabric library (showroom)

Screens 78-85:

Review of different popular fabric qualities

Screens 86-88:

Review the different fabrics of a jacket - conclusion

Teaching Facilities:

Sample Room (preferred), samples of raw materials and fabrics as reviewed in this lecture, screen, projector, computer, pin board, pointer, internet connection.