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IGTEM-8: “Your Buyer's Marketing"

Lecture's Overview


37 screens of Presentation

35 pages Students' Guide

Including 10 major and minor Students' tasks and tests.

Module Name:

Export Marketing & Merchandising

Recommended Duration:

4 to 5 lectures of 90 minutes each including time for the project review.

Background of Lecture:

Students to understand buyers’ efforts to promote sales and thereby the supplier’s products and responsibility arising therefrom.

Subjects per Screen:

Overseas’ buyers’ activities to promote their brand name, consumers’ brand awareness and thereby increase their market share. Merchandisers to be familiar with such programs and their responsibilities therefrom for manufacturers / suppliers / agents / buying offices.

Screens 1-2:

A successful brand depends on quality suppliers.

Screens 3-5:

Buyers pay for market surveys, suppliers benefit from the results.

Screens 6-7:

A buyer’s yearly sales and market share

Screens 8-11:

Being spezialised

Screens 12-13:

Market and Brand Analysis

Screen 14:

Position of a brand name in the retail business – minor tasks

Screens 15-16:

Action as a result of a survey & supplier’s support – minor task

Screens 17-21:

Success as a result of supplier’s & buyer’s efforts - minor task

Screens 22-23:

The meaning of “NOS” = Never out of Stock

Screen 24:

A label’s identity

Screen 25:

The shop system

Screen 26:

Computer software for the retail trade

Screen 27:

Supplier’s efforts to support the promotion of the business

Screens 28-29:

Marketing and benefits arising therefrom for the supplier

Screens 30-31:

Promotion give-aways

Screen 32:

Clear-cut product and marketing concepts

Screens 33-35:

Mono-Label Stores

Screens 36-37:

Joint efforts – extend your full support to your buyers

Teaching Facilities:

A sample room or a standard class- /meeting room, laptop, projector, screen, pointer - promotion materials and samples, preferably provided by a shirt specialist.


Reasonable verbal & written English language skills will make it easier for students to fully under-stand this lecture.