IGTEM | International Garment Training & Education Material

IGTEM-7: “Watch your Markets"

Lecture's Overview


43 screens of Presentation

42 pages Students' Guide

13 pages Attachments German Retailer

Including 1 major and 6 minor Students' tasks and tests.

Module Name:

Export Marketing & Merchandising

Recommended Duration:

5 to 6 lectures of 90 minutes each or more if needed for total understanding. Get students actively involved. Reserve the last lecture for:

  • a/ a review of the lecture;
  • b/ a review of the test;
  • c/ how to apply the contents of this lecture to other markets.

Background of Lecture:

Make students aware of the need to know their markets and how to stay informed about market developments and changing consumers’ preferences. Similar retail outlets to those mentioned in Germany operate in all other countries.

Subjects per Screen:

Screens 1-2:

Follow market developments and trends

Screens 3-5:

Yearly garment retail sales

Screens 6-8:

Structure of a retail market

Screens 9-10:

Yearly evaluation of a market

Screens 11-13:

Trading conditions constantly change

Screen 14:

Average yearly spending on garments (Germany) - minor task

Screens 15-16:

How to counter declining sales, buyers& sellers to cooperate - minor tasks

Screen 17:

The best source of information is the market itself

Screen 18:

The traditional importer

Screens 19-42:

Target your buyers - the different retail organizations and potential customers in Germany (many of them are international, vertical companies and active internationally, partly worldwide). - 2 minor tasks and 1 major task


English communication and internet research skills are an advantage.


Classroom – screen to project the power point presentation – projector - distribution of the Students’ Guide – computers with internet connections to allow market research by students will be BIG advantage.

A Remark:

The lecturer should preferably have travel experience. Knowing the German market would be an additional advantage.