IGTEM | International Garment Training & Education Material

IGTEM-6: “Know your Markets"

Lecture's Overview


45 screens of Presentation

31 pages Students' Guide

Including 1 major and 1 minor Students' tasks and tests.

Module Name:

Export Marketing & Merchandising

Recommended Duration:

4 to 5 lectures of 90 minutes each. Lecturers to make sure that all students understand each screen. Encourage students to get actively involved in the lessons.

Background of Lecture:

A successful supplier will need to know his market, his buyers’ position in the retail business, the spending power of the targeted consumers and what they will purchase and wear at the respective times of the year.

Distribution of lecture materials to students:

The lecturer to distribute the Students’ Guide about 10 days prior to starting the teaching of this subject. Encourage students to study minimum 10 screens in advance to make it possible to ask specific questions and follow the lecture.

Subjects per Screen:

Screen 2:

Know your Markets

Screens 3-6:

We concentrate on Exports, minor task

Screen 7:

Your buyers’ re-exports mean for you the supplier

Screens 8-9:

Mentality of Consumers

Screen 10:

Start of the School Year

Screens 11-15:

General information about your Markets, major task

Screen 16:

Your buyers provide a vital service

Screen 17:

A Company Philosophy

Screens 18-19:

A Brand Name

Screens 20-21:

Promotion and Advertising

Screens 22-24:

Promotion Material

Screens 25-26:

Response to Advertising

Screens 27-28:

Design and Fashion

Screens 29-38:

Examples of Target Customer Groups

Screens 39-40:

Collections of well known labels

Screen 41:

Yearly retail sales – example Germany

Screen 42:

Market shares of different retail organizations

Screen 43:

Planning of buyers’ finance and stock holding

Screens 44-45:

Suppliers’ product range & target customers


Students to have English verbal & written language & internet research skills.

Teaching Facilities:

Sample Room or classroom plus projector, computer, internet connection.