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IGTEM-3: “Office Image, Etiquette & Telephone Skills"

Lecture's Overview


30 screens of Presentation

28 pages Students' Guide

Including 1 major and 7 minor Students' tasks and tests.

Module Name:

Export Marketing

Recommended Duration:

Total 2-3 units of 90 minutes each. Do not rush to make sure that all students understand each screen. Students to get actively involved in the lectures.

Background of Lecture:

Most newcomers to the industry have hardly ever visited an office except possibly for their job interview.


The lecture shall give students an idea about an effective appearance of an office, the staff’s way to dress and the importance of the telephone as an effective marketing tool. This will make it easier for newcomers to soon feel at home and be considered an effective member of the office team.

Distribution of lecture materials to students:

The lecturer to distribute the Students’ Guide about 10 days prior to starting the teaching of this subject. Students to read the contents of about 10 screens in advance of each lecture to make it possible to ask specific questions and get actively involved. Check the homework in the Students’ Guide & review it.

Subjects per Screen:

Screens 1-2:

Office Image & Etiquette

Screens 3-5:

Business Etiquette, Responsibilty & always remember

Screen 6:

A Showroom Layout

Screens 7-8:

Sample Display & Showroom Organization

Screen 9:

A Fabric Library

Screens 10-12:

Information, Your Company’s Ambassador, serving visitors

Screens 13-17:

What to wear in the office

Screens 18-26:

Telephone Skills

Screen 27:

Whilst in the Office ….. some useful hints

Screen 28:

Let’s practice – “Let them hear & see you smile”

Screen 29:

“Receiving a Visitor & Holding a Meeting”

Screen 30:

Steps to achieve SUCCESS

Students’ Qualification:

Students to have workable English verbal & written language and internet research skills unless the lecture is delivered in the native language.

Teaching Facilities:

Projector, screen, computer, pointer if available. - Print / distribute the students’ guide prior to the lesson and urge students to study the material in advance to allow active participation in discussions in class.