IGTEM | International Garment Training & Education Material

IGTEM-1: “A Successful Career in the Garment Business"

Lecture's Overview


22 screens of Presentation

22 pages Students' Guide

Including 1 major and 1 minor Students' tasks and tests.

Module Name:

Export Marketing

Recommended Duration:

2 to 3 lectures of 90 minutes each. Do not rush the lectures and get students actively involved

Background of Lecture:

This lecture and all others are based on the work experience of Till Freyer who arrived in Hong Kong from Germany in 1959 and now lives in Indonesia since 1991. He spent all his life in the export oriented garment industry. This lecture shall show that everyone has the chance to reach the top and even run his or her own business.

Distribution of lecture materials to students:

It is recommended to distribute the Students’ Guide about 10 days prior to handling this subject. Encourage students to study minimum 10 screens in advance to enable them to actively participate in the lecture.

Subjects per Screen:

Screens 1-2:

Everyone has the same chance

Screen 3:

We are surrounded by 3 zones

Screen 4:

The History of the Garment Industry

Screen 5:

Students’ Assignment (to be done prior to the lecture)

Screens 6-7:

Office Etiquette, Telephone & Communication Skills

Screen 8:

Professional Education & Practical Work Experience

Screen 9:

Example of Excellent Marketing

Screen 10:

Know your Markets

Screen 11:

Watch your Markets

Screen 12:

Closely follow your Buyers’ Marketing

Screen 13:

Fabric & Garment Showroom Management

Screen 14:

Basic knowledge to achieve success

Screen 15:

Know your Products - Accessories

Screen 16:

Know your Products - Fabrics

Screen 17:

Know your Products – Jeans / Blouses / Shirts

Screens 18-19:

Newsletter & Professional Offers

Screen 20:

Product Knowledge

Screens 21-22:

The Chance of being an Entrepreneur – a small task

Teaching Schedule:

The subject shall be delivered at the start of a course about Garment Export Marketing & Merchandising or as a stand-alone presentation.


projector for presentation, screen, computer, pointer if available. Print / distribute the students’ guide prior to the first lecture,


The lecturer to preferably have practical experience in the garment business.